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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From IXWebHosting

Unlimited Pro Business Plus Expert Plan
Disk Space: 300GB
BandWidth: 3000GB
Domains: 2
Monthly: $3.95
Disk Space: 500GB
BandWidth: 3500GB
Domains: 8
Monthly: $6.95
Disk Space: UnlimitedGB
BandWidth: 4000GB
Monthly: $12.95

Our Review

IX WebHosting has been around in the hosting industry for a while, since 1999 to be exact, and they have really honed and refined their product to not only offer a great hosting package but also offer a ton of incentives to their customers. IX WebHosting offers three different plans to their customers there is the expert plan, business plan, and the unlimited pro plan. Letís start by talking about the basic expert plan that they offer, the cost of this plan is $3.95 and features include three hundred gigabytes of disk space and three thousand gigabytes of monthly bandwidth transfer, on this plan you are only allowed to host two domains and you will get a free domain name registered for life when you sign up.

Also when you sign up for the basic expert plan you get the capability to host up to one hundred sub domains and you will also receive $385 in ad credits for free pay per click advertising from over nine sites including yahoo, google ad words, and miva. The only major downside with the expert plan is that you can only host two domains and it does not allow for databases and similar features. The nest plan up from the expert is the business plan at a cost of $6.95 a month; this plan allows you to host eight domains and offers five hundred gigabytes of disk space and three thousand five hundred gigabytes of monthly bandwidth. Some free goodies that you get with the business plan is two free domain names registered for life and $410 in pay per click credits, this plan also offers all the options that the expert plan does not like MySql and similar programs, this plan also allows for the hosting of eight domains compared to the limit of two offered by the expert plan.

The next plan offered is the unlimited pro plan the cost of this plan is $12.95 a month and gives you unlimited disk space and four thousand gigabytes of monthly bandwidth, it also allows you to host sixteen domain names and unlimited sub domains. The unlimited pro plan comes with even more free goodies than the other, it includes three free domain names registered for life and $435 in pay per click credits. Over all IX WebHosting is a sweet host, they offer a ton of free goodies with each plan and they do not jack the price up too much to compensate for this like other hosts do. The only complaint about the IXWebHosting service is that they should offer more capabilities on each plan before they give away all the free stuff, for example who cares about all the traffic you are going to get from those free credits if your server crashes because they did not give you enough capabilities.

User Reviews

Jude says :
I gave them a try for almost 2 months before I had to get out. Their email is so slow, it can take days for them to go through...and their downtime is pathetic! I constantly got "too many connections" errors on my databases, even though I barely had anyone accessing them. They try to blame it on their other customers that abuse the system, but that's bull and a cop out. They offer a lot, but believe me, this is a classic example of "it's too good to be true"! AVOID!

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