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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From HostGator

Hatchling Baby Business
Disk Space: Unlimited
BandWidth: Unlimited
Domains: 1
Monthly: 8.95$
Yearly: 6.95$
2 Yearly: 5.95$
3 Yearly: 4.95$
Disk Space: Unlimited
BandWidth: Unlimited
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 9.95$
Yearly: 9.95$
Two Yearly: 8.95$
Three Yearly: 7.95$
Disk Space: Unlimited
BandWidth: Unlimited
Domains: Unlimited
Pay Monthly: 14.95$
Yearly: 14.95$
2 Yearly: 13.95$
3 Yearly: 12.95$

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages From HostGator

Copper Silver Gold Silver
Disk Space: 40GB
BandWidth: 350GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 34.95$
Disk Space: 60GB
BandWidth: 500GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 49.95$
Disk Space: 80GB
BandWidth: 600GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 74.95$
Disk Space: 100GB
BandWidth: 700GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 99.95$

Linux Dedicated Hosting Packages From HostGator

Basic Standard
Bandwidth: 1500GB
DDR: 1024MB
Processor: P4 2.4Ghz
IPs: 5
Price: 174$
Bandwidth: 1500GB
DDR: 1024MB
Processor: Duo Core 3040 Conroe
IPs: 10
Price: 219$
Elite Pro
Bandwidth: 2500GB
DDR: 2048MB
Processor: Dual Xeon 2.4
IPs: 5
Price: 279$
HDD: 2x 250GB SATA
Bandwidth: 2500GB
DDR: 4096MB
Processor: Quad Core 3210 Xeon
IPs: 10
Price: 374$

Our Review

If you know anything about hosting or have been looking for a host I am sure that you have some how or some way landed on the HostGator website. HostGator has been around since 2002 and they have made their web presence very strong, for example type in any hosting related keyword and I am sure that you will find them in a google ad or in the top of the search engines. HostGator offers a lot of variety to their customers so there is a lot to choose from. HostGator offers three basic plans for the average consumer and website owner; they also offer a wide range of reseller packages and dedicated servers for the larger customers.

HostGator offers a fairly basic plan for 4.95$ (When paid 3 years in advance) or 8.95$ if paid month to month, this plan offers 350GB of disk space and 3000GB of bandwidth but incredibly that only let you host one domain so this package is virtually worthless. The next plan up which they call the baby offers 600GB of disk space and 6000GB of monthly bandwidth and costs 9.95$ per month if you pay month to month. If you pay for 1 year in advance you can get this package at 119.40$. This plan of HostGator is one of the most famous plans in the web hosting industry. This plan offers unlimited domains to be hosted on your account and also offers some upgraded features from the very basic plan including unlimited pop3 email accounts, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited sub domains, and unlimited parked domains, it also offer ninety nine point nine percent server uptime compared to the guaranteed ninety nine point five percent guaranteed uptime offered with the most basic plan. The next thing that they offer is the swamp plan which gives you the user 1000GB of disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth and offers chili soft asp which the other plans do not offer, in addition the swamp plan also offers private ssl a feature that most other hosting companies don't offer and costs 14.95$ per monthif paid monthly or yearly.

HostGator also offers some dedicated servers for proxies and things of that nature, they are quite expensive though compared to the competition and this is a whole different market compared to the basic hosting. One nice feature of the HostGator service is that they offer Cpanel which is quite a good control panel; this is free compared to some other hosts which charge for the upgrade to a Cpanel hosting plan. Also like most other HostGator offers a online chat support and a toll free number that you can call in case you need assistance in setting up you’re hosting or trying to pick a plan out that fits your needs. Over all HostGator would probably be a eight out of ten because they offer a lot of features but only on their more expensive plans where as most other hosts will offer the same features on there low end plans, another big turn off is that they only allow you to host one domain on there cheapest plan, most hosts allow unlimited or at least fifteen or twenty.

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User Reviews

AFG says :
Hostgator is just great! I would rate them the best dedicated server hosting company. very supportive and responsive! having dedicated server with them, you can forget all the problems that may arise on your server coz ur sure that there is someone to take care of it for you!!!
i have been using their service for last 3 years and going!!!

Jimmy says :
I am hosted on hostgator with domain name The service of hostgator is prefect with 100% uptime. Previously I was hosted on its a free host. The host was ok but there was a downtime like 5 to 10 hours in 30 days and sometimes it affected me very badly. I am with hostgator and I am happy with them. Hostgator has 100% support and uptime.

Asim says :
Hostgator is an exceptional hosting provider, never got disappointed, using dedicated server these days and it is awesome!

Aditya Singh says :
I loved hostgator and their support. It rocks all ways. They truly deserve to be called the web hosting company on the internet.

Amit Nyamtabad says :
Hostgator is one of the biggest hosting company & I am hosting couple of my sites with these guys. They really do provide good customer support & quality uptime. Till now my experience has been good with the them.
Rating : A++

GVK says :
Yes, my choice is Host Gator, am with Host Gator since once year. I don't say they are cheap and best. They are Better than Best :)
Customer Support is awesome, till now i got my problems solved in less than 5-10 mins. Rated: 10

Navjot Singh says :
Excellent Hosting I must say. 100% Uptime. I loved the fact that it gives no discounts for yearly payment, so it never forces us to buy yearly. So we can test for a month and then switch to other if we don't like it. But never liking it...nah such a situation will never arise. I am running a vb forum and never saw loading touching 2+ even on a shared account. That's excellent considering at my last host it touched 10-14% usually.
Highly recommended.

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