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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From WebHostingBuzz

Silver Gold Special
Disk Space: 300GB
BandWidth: 2000GB
Domains: 3
Yearly: 4.95$
2 Yearly: 3.95$
Disk Space: 375GB
BandWidth: 2500GB
Domains: 16
Yearly: 6.95$
2 Yearly: 5.95$
Disk Space: 750GB
BandWidth: 5000GB
Domains: Unlimited
Yearly: 9.95$
2 Yearly: 8.95$

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages

Startup A Startup B Startup C Startup D
Disk Space: 10GB
BandWidth: 100GB
Domains: 20
Monthly: 5$
Disk Space: 20GB
BandWidth: 200GB
Domains: 40
Monthly: 10$$
Disk Space: 30GB
BandWidth: 300GB
Domains: 60
Monthly: 15$
Disk Space: 40GB
BandWidth: 400GB
Domains: 70
Monthly: 20$
Pro A Pro B Pro C Pro D
Disk Space: 50GB
BandWidth: 500GB
Domains: 20
Monthly: 5$
Disk Space: 100GB
BandWidth: 1000GB
Domains: 40
Monthly: 10$$
Disk Space: 150GB
BandWidth: 1500GB
Domains: 60
Monthly: 15$
Disk Space: 200GB
BandWidth: 2000GB
Domains: 70
Monthly: 20$

Our Review

WebHostingBuzz is by far one of the best hosting companies that I have seen. So why do I like WebHostingBuzz so much? The reason is that they offer everything you could ask from a host and at an affordable price to compete with the big dogs, also they are not one of those sites that gives you all the free goodies to try and subdues you into signing up then when you sign up you realize the capabilities of your server suck and the service sucks because the company used all the money you are paying them to try and entice you to sign up. So what kind of plan does WebHostingBuzz offer exactly, well they offer three different size plans for each type of customer and they are all very reasonably priced. The fist plan offered is the $4.95 plan or the $3.95 plan depending on how you look at it, if you pay for twenty four months then is obviously cheaper and if you pay for twelve then is a few bucks more a month, with this plan you get one free domain name registered for life, three hundred gigabytes of disk pace and two thousand gigabytes of bandwidth.

Also with the basic plan you get unlimited of just about everything else the other hosts have a limit on including domain names, sub domains, ftp accounts, mail accounts, and data bases. The nest plan up from the basic plan is the $6.95 or $5.95 plan, this works on the same concept as the last, in this plan you again get a free domain registered for life and all the unlimited upgrades, also you will receive three hundred and seventy five gigabytes of disk space and twenty five hundred gigabytes of bandwidth a month. And finally the last of the three plans offered is the $9.95 or $8.95 plan, I hope your getting the hang of this by now, this is the same concept as the other two plans, what you get with the highest plan is seven hundred and fifty gigabytes of disk space and five thousand gigabytes of bandwidth, you also enjoy all the unlimited free features as the other two plans and receive not only one fee domain name for life but three.

On top of the great deals and features that WebHostingBuzz they also offer Cpanel as a control panel, which is really convenient and nice to use, and they offer a free set up fee so there are no hidden fees or charges and you get their award winning support and help when setting up your new account with them. So overall WebHostingBuzz is one of the best hosts out there the only thing that would make it better is if they offered unlimited bandwidth or disk space.

User Reviews

Oleg says :
worst hosting company ever!!! it takes 3!!! days to get the answer from support and 5 days to make them do something what they should do by themselves... support is so stupid and lazy...if you have not sighed up my advice - RUN from them!!!

kore_ok says :
I have this webhosting for 1 year, but like 8 months i didn't do anythig on it.
When I've started to build I site here are the problems:
1. for 2 weeks site down at leest 2,3 times a day
First they told mee that they have told me:
"We recently experienced some server overload issues, causing a slowdown. The source of this problem has been located and addressed. Server performance should now be back to normal."
OK I've told them.
After one week the problem was still there
They have told me:
"We unreservedly apologize for the service outage that you experienced. This is unlike us, we'd some hardware issue with server described on our forum"
What happend?
... ???
2. The problem that made my write this review.
I have a hosting of 200 GB and this morning (02.04.2008) when I've open my CP surprise
"Sorry for the inconvenience!
The filesystem mounted at /home/mysite on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition."
no worning nothig befor this happend!!!
how can i fill 200 GB this is crazy!!
i think "maybe my database (200 MB)" but how can I have access to my Databse if I don't have access t my control Panel
stay awwwaaaaayyyyy!!! from this hosting

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