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Shared Hosting From Voxtreme

Space: 200GB
Bandwidth: 500GB Per Month
Host 10 Domains
Free Domain Name For Life
Price: 7.95$ Per Month

Reseller Hosting From Voxtreme

Space: 5GB
Bandwidth: 50GB Per Month
Free Domain Name For Life
Price: 29.95$ Per Month

Our Review

Have you ever found a really good looking product or service but no matter how good it looks you can not buy it because you know you can get something that does the same thing for half the price, well that is the best way that I can explain the Voxtreme hosting service. So what does the Voxtreme web hosting service have to offer, well they have one basic plan that is pretty similar to most plans. The Voxtreme basic plan is priced at 7.95$ a month, so what do you get for that eight bucks, let me tell you, not much. For you eight bucks a month a Voxtreme you will get 200GB of disk space and only 500GB of monthly bandwidth, so why is this such a rip off? Well the Voxtreme basic plan is a complete rip off considering they only offer about one fifteenth of the disk space other hosting companies offer for the same price and only one sixth of the monthly bandwidth. Besides the low disk space and monthly bandwidth you eight dollars a month at Voxtreme will get you a free domain to host a new site on, also this domain is not just registered for a year or two it is registered for life.

Voxtreme will also give you a site promotion package and site building software to help simplify the process. Some nice features about the Voxtreme plan are that they offer Cpanel and allow unlimited MySql databases to be created on your account. Some of the major negatives are the ability to only host ten domains on your account and ten parked domains. Voxtreme does how ever offer the ability to create up to 500 sub domains and ftp accounts, in addition to the ability to create up to 5000 pop3 email accounts virtually twice what most other hosts offer there customers. And finally some more features that Voxtreme offers it customers is the fantastico software that allows you to upload and create tons of programs and scripts in a timely manner and easily to your data base, they also offer a ton of shopping cart programs if you are creating an ecommerce sites where customers will buy and select certain products.

So overall Voxtreme has some pretty good features, but all the good features that Voxtreme offers are virtually worthless considering you are only allowed to host ten domains and the low monthly bandwidth and disk space, also alluding to Voxtreme’s bad deal is that they are completely over priced, similar if not superior plans can be found for several dollars cheaper if not half the price Voxtreme charges it customers for hosting.

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