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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From VistaPages

VistaPAK VistaDEAL E-Vista
Disk Space: 300GB
BandWidth: 3000GB
Domains: 3
Monthly: 3.95$
Disk Space: 350GB
BandWidth: 4000GB
Domains: 16
Monthly: 6.95$
Disk Space: 500GB
BandWidth: 5000GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 12.95$

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages From VistaPages

Disk Space: 15GB
BandWidth: 150GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 19.95$
Disk Space: 30GB
BandWidth: 300GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 34.95$$
Disk Space: 60GB
BandWidth: 600GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 49.95$

VPS Hosting Packages From VistaPages

Disk Space: 16GB
BandWidth: 200GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 27.95$
Yearly: 25.95
Disk Space: 30GB
BandWidth: 400GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 57.95$
Yearly: 55.95
Disk Space: 45GB
BandWidth: 600GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 87.95$
Yearly: 85.95
Disk Space: 60GB
BandWidth: 1000GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 117.95$
Yearly: 115.95

Our Review

VistaPages is another one of the hosting websites that is new to the hosting industry, they where started in 2004 and have plans comparable and competitive with the big hosting companies. The basic plan a VistaPages is the $3.95 per month plan. This plan offers a lot of features and is still a few bucks less than most of the competition. The $3.95 plan offers a lot of disk space and bandwidth but there are some real obvious problems with it that will almost force you to upgrade. So for starters the basic plan offers three hundred gigabytes of disk space and three thousand gigabytes of monthly bandwidth.

The big problems with the $3.95 plan are that you are only allowed to host three domain names and ten sub domains. Also some more big problems with the $3.95 plan is that they do not allow any of the following: MySql data bases, PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin, and phpMyAdmin, Fantastico Installer, Message Forum, Free Shared SSL Certificate, Free Shared SSL, OSCommerce, Zen-Cart. The next plan that VistaPages offers after the most basic $3.95 plan is the $6.95 plan this allows all the things that the $3.95 plan was not allowed but gives you sixteen domains three hundred and fifty gigabytes of disk space and four thousand gigabytes of bandwidth also upgraded from the $3.95 plan is unlimited sub domains. The next plan available after the $6.95 plan is the $12.95 plan which has all features upgraded and allows unlimited domains also it offers five hundred gigabytes of disk space and five thousand gigabytes of bandwidth. So now that we have all the different plans covered that Vista pages offers lets talk about all the things that you will receive when you sign up with there hosting services, for one you will get a free domain, a nice feature that almost all hosts now a days give away.

Also you will receive a free site building software program that will allow you to make some simple sites pretty quickly. Also included when you sign up is a free yahoo ad credit, this is offered by probably twenty five percent of the hosts and is a nice touch but really I would rather do with out it and just pay less for hosting, plus I am sure that many people would agree I rather have an ad words credit than a yahoo publisher credit. Over all VistaPages has a pretty good plan although to get a good amount of domains on your server you need to pay almost $13 a month, other wise you are limited to sixteen or three domains on your server. Also they offer some great plans but their $3.95 plan should offer almost all the same features because it does not include all the features needed to run a adequate site, but if you are willing to spend a couple more dollars to get the job done then VistaPages may be the right host.

User Reviews

Andi Bhatt says :
My name is Andi Bhatt and i am running a website Mr Kaumil Patel is saying so many big things. But i am facing so many troubles from Vista Pages and Vista Pages made my life hell.
First of all they took money from me for couple of years that is 150 dollers, I had too many problems when i started. When ever i contacted their customer service they had no proper answers for the down time and slowness of the site. I was fed up and then i asked for my money back. When i asked for my money back they sent me an email that we have worked on your site and its working fine now and we will make sure that it never happenes in future.
Now they passed the month time without any problem, After one month when money back period passed they have started their game again.
My site is social networking site where user submits their favorite stories. Now what these clever guys have done is they blocked my submit.php file so no body can submit anything. When i contacted thier customer service they have no answer and no they had no intrest in my problem because they had already taken money from me.
They encouraged me for abusive languge and deleted everything from the server. And what they did is after deleting everything they put a html file called bombbybomber.html.
Now they are not intrested in any thing. You can imagine the site which you worked hard day and night.. they deleted every thing without problem.
Never go to Vista Pages they are the biggest cheaters on the web and this guy Kaumil Patel, hes the biggest fraud and Con Man in Canada. Ifyou want to ruin your life then go to Vista Pages becuase they will delete your site anytime.
I have moved to yahoo small business hosting which is best on the web.

Paul Grant says :

I've got a number of sites with a few hosting companies, but as far as my opinion is concerned..Vistapages is a decent company..not perfect, but so far so good and I've been hosting with them for about 2 years, not to mention they aren't one of those only one plan hosts..these guys actually have other services...but we'll see. I am sure you will hear from me if service goes down the tube.

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