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Shared Hosting Package From PowWeb

Disk Storage : Unlimited and Bandwidth Unlimited + The Ability to host unlimited domains at a price of $114.48 (4.77$ per month ) If you buy a 24 months package. + 2 Year Free Domain Name Registration.

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If you read the review of HostMonster than this one is going to be pretty similar because Powweb Hosting offers pretty much all the same features as HostMonster Hosting except that they have a few different plans, rates, promotions, and features. Powweb Hosting was started in 1999 so they have been around a while but not as long as some of the other big name hosting companies out there, the Powweb home page is simple and clean and is not as crowded as most other hosting companies are which is refreshing for a change.

So lets get down to business, Powweb Hosting offers a few different ways to purchase your hosting, no matter how you put it though they offer one main plan and that is the $4.77 deal. This is where there is a little variation you can pay for your hosting in multiple ways, the first is the three month plan in which you pay for three months of your hosting in a lump sum this is the shortest amount of time that they offer for the 7.77$ plan, the next amount of time that you can pay your hosting in is for a whole year with this plan you get a free domain for a year and two months free of hosting so you only have to pay for ten months but you really get twelve months, and the last method that Powweb offers to pay there seven dollars and seventy cents plan is paying in advance for two years of hosting in which you get four months of free hosting or in other words you really only pay for twenty months plus you get a domain name registered for two years. The best choice is to pick the one year plan even thought Powweb says the two year plan is the best, when you figure it out there is no additional savings for the two year plan with Powweb and you are only locked in for longer.

The basic plan at Powweb will provide you with Unlimited disk space and Unlimited bandwidth transfer just like HostMonster, the Powweb will also allow you to host unlimited domains like most hosting services do, a little pit fall of the Powweb service is that they only allow you to make seventy five MySql databases which should be sufficient for most people, but if you own a lot of sites you may want to reconsider using Powweb. Another problem that Powweb has is that there shopping cart upgrade is ten dollars a month, and if you do not purchase the upgrade your shopping cart system would be pretty useless. Overall Powweb has a pretty good thing going there customer support is top quality by offering services such as there toll free hotline, web chat, and massive help forum with over twenty thousand members. As for functionality and pricing Powweb is probably a six out of ten because of there costly upgrades, limited features, and there hosting plan is a little overpriced.

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