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What HostRocket Offers ?

1100 GB Hosting Space + Host Unlimited Domains!!! + UNLIMITED Bandwidth

Price: $8.99 Per Month when paid monthly (14.95$ if you want dedicated IP). If you pay 6 months advance, then you get it for $7.99 per month and for paying 1 year advance, you get $6.99 per month rates. If you pay 2 years advance, you get it at $4.99 per month

You get a domain registered along for 20 additional bucks

Linux Reseller Hosting Packages From HostRocket

OrbitONE OrbitTWO OrbitTHREE
Disk Space: 15GB
BandWidth: 150GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 17.95$
Disk Space: 30GB
BandWidth: 300GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 39.95$
Disk Space: 50GB
BandWidth: 500GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: 79.95$

Our Review

HostRocket is now newbie to the hosting market they have been around since 1999 and counting. One of the nice features about HostRocket that you will notice immediately when you show up to their website is that they have a very clean and simple web site that allows a lot of easy navigation and user friendliness. HostRocket offers one simple and basic plan and that is the $4.95 plan. HostRocket also offers a bunch of free goodies or extras as incentives when you sign up with them. One of these free goodies that HostRocket offers is a 50$ yahoo credit, this credit can be used to redeem 50$ in free yahoo pay per click advertising to boost your new sites sales or traffic. Another little goodie that HostRocket throws at you to try and get you to signup is a free domain name, this is always good but be careful you can get all the free gifts in the world but what is the point if you do not get what you want a reliable and affordable host.

On the basic 4.95$ plan there is many draw backs that you have to watch out for, one of the major negative points about the basic plan at HostRocket is that they only allow a certain number of domains. On the basic $4.95 plan HostRocket only allows you to have ten domains, there is a catch though for every month you keep hosting with them they allow you to have one more domain name on your server, this is okay but if you are making lots of sites or already own a lot this is definitely not the plan for you. A few more negative points about the HostRocket basic plan is that they only allow you to have ten parked domains and ten MySql databases, these databases can easily be used up so watch out and monitor your usage of these if you decide to go with the HostRocket basic plan.

And finally one of the biggest negative points of the basic HostRocket plan is that they have a mandatory thirty dollar set up fee, this is pretty bad because even if you do not need setting up your plan or anything like that you still have to pay this thirty dollar fee which virtually makes the fifty dollar yahoo publisher credit worthless. Now to the details of the plan that are good, one is that they unlimited bandwidth for there basic plan, also another thing that is cool about the HostRocket service is that they offer over 100GB of disk space and this grows by 3 or 4 MB every second or two so you are bound to never run out of disk space. Over all HostRocket has a pretty good plan, just make sure that you do not buy it for all the extra goodies because they are all worthless because the extra hidden fees you end up paying.

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