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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From HostPapa

Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host Unlimited Domains
1 Free Domain For Life
Signup for 1 Year: 7.95$ per month
Signup for 2 Year: 6.95$ per month
Signup for 3 Year: 5.95$ per month

Our Review

HostPapa has a pretty nice site, as you come to their home page you will notice it is very simple and clean, so it is easy on the eyes. HostPapa offers three different plans to their customer they are the $5.95 plan, the $6.95 plan, and the $7.95 plan. We will begin by reviewing Hostpapa’s basic $5.95 plan, this plan offers you unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth, there are some major down sides to this basic plan some of them include only being able to host ten extra domains on your account also there is a limit of one hundred MySql databases per account and only ten private ftp accounts. Also with the basic plan you receive a free $25 yahoo pay per per click credit and a $50 credit for promo people products and you receive a free domain name registered for life.

Some more details on the basic plan is that you must sign up for three years, which is not what I like from my host, but then again their servers are powered by green energy so your squeaky clean conscience may make up for you having so many limited features on your account. The next plan after the $5.95 plan is the $6.95 plan this is the same thing as the $5.95 plan except you only have to sign up for two years instead of three, and I am sure you guessed it already the $7.95 plan only makes you sign up for one year of service. Some of the major features with the hosting plan at HostPapa besides the server capabilities are the great customer support they offer phone and live chat support, around the clock email support, and video tutorials to help you get started with your new account, HostPapa also guarantees a 99.9% uptime on all their accounts.

Another nice feature that HostPapa has is the fantastico program that allows you to seamlessly install various programs onto your server in a matter of seconds some of the programs you can download include some of the many blogging platforms like word press or blogger. Although HostPapa is supposedly rated in the top ten of hosting companies I would not include them in it, why you ask? Because they have very few plans just many pricing options and the one plan that they do offer does not offer very many features, HostPapa needs to offer a different kind of plan for people who want to host more than ten domains and who want to use up lots of the features on their account. Also the only competitive price is the price where you have to sign up for three years, who wants to commit to that? Overall we suggest you look around a bit more before going with HostPapa.

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