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Shared Hosting Package From HostMonster

Disk Storage : Unlimited and Bandwidth Unlimited + The Ability to host unlimited domains at only $6.95 per month (When paid 2 years in advance) and 7.95$ when paid 1 year in advance. They don't have monthly payment option.

Our Review

HostMonster was developed by people that have been in the hosting industry for years, so they really know what they are doing. All of the owners of HostMonster have worked in long standing and reputable hosting companies and some have even started them before joining the HostMonster project. With the all the qualifications the owners of HostMonster have they are surely a big power player in the hosting game. HostMonster was formed in nineteen ninety six so they have been honing there servers, customer service, and web presence for over ten years. HostMonster's web hosting plan is simple and easy, there is one major plan that HostMonster provides and that is the $6.95 monthly plan. With the universal $6.95 from HostMonster you receive unlimted disk space and Unlimited monthly bandwidth. Other features HostMonster provides with their plan is the hosting of unlimited domains which is pretty typical now, but is important because a few big hosts still do not allow it.

Another cool thing about the HostMonster plan is that when you sign up you receive a free domain name of your choice, this is a practice that is employed in a few hosting companies but not usually with a plan as cheap as HostMonster offers. Another freebie that HostMonster is giving away with their basic plan, besides a free domain name, is free search engine submission for your new site that will be hosted with them, the free search engines submission is a nice incentive because it can be annoying to have to do this yourself, although this is probably useless because you could get ranked in search engines with in a couple days by getting a back link to where as getting indexed with search engine submission could take weeks and who has time for that.

One of the best features that is not so standard with most hosts is HostMonsters incredible customer service, HostMonster has a toll free hot lines that will help you with set up or any other things that you may need help on, they also offer a live chat feature so all your questions can be answered immediately and in person instead of having to dig through a load of suggestions in the help section like other hosts make you do. The customer service is also always on call so whether you call or use the live chat feature to get your questions answered there will always be some on there to listen and assist you. Finally to help new customers, as if everything else wasn’t enough, there is a live demo feature on there site so you can test it out before signing up with the HostMonster service. So what is out final opinion in HostMonster, well as for customer service they are a ten out of ten, and as for there product we would give it a seven out of ten because all the sweet features and the good size of monthly bandwidth and disk space, the reason that HostMonster does not receive a ten out of ten for there product is because there are many hosts out there that offer quite a few more features to their customers.

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