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Windows Hosting Packages From EasyCGI

Advanced Advanced X2 Advanced X4
Disk Space: 350GB
BandWidth: 3500GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $7.96
Disk Space: 500GB
BandWidth: 5000GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $15.96
Disk Space: 750GB
BandWidth: 7500GB
Domains: Unlimited
Monthly: $21.56

Our Review

EasyCGI is very new to the hosting industry, when you visit there home page you will realize that although professional looking it is quite busy and distracting. Once you visit the EasyCgi site you will see that they offer three plans. The most basic of them being the Advanced plan at $7.96 per month. The basic plan offers a average 350GB of disk space and 3500GB of monthly bandwidth. When you sign up with EasyCgi you will receive a free domain name as in most hosts. On your plan you will get fifty MySql databases which is fairly sufficient but ideally this would unlimited. They also offer five hundred pop3 email account this sounds like a lot but most hosts out there offer at a minimum of 2500 to unlimited. One nice feature that the EasyCGI service has to offer is free website statistics, this is included in Cpanel but these statistics go into a little more depth than the average statistical software.

Another thing that is nice about the easy cgi service is that they give you free domain privacy with you free domain, this is pretty good because most hosting companies charge a couple bucks extra for this feature. The easy cgi service also guarantees a 99.9% percent server uptime as most hosts do, in addition they offer a live chat service, a toll free phone number to call and get help from, and a snail mail or email support system, they also offer a ticket system found in most smaller hosting companies and a free forum where you can talk about hosting and give and receive advice.

EasyCgi will also provide you with software and video tutorials so that you can make setting up your server as easy as possible. EasyCGI also offers a variety of services and software programs that make installing and uploading scripts to your websites and seamless and easy as possible. Overall EasyCGI has a good thing going for them they offer a great amount of disk space and bandwidth and have a lot of extra features, although the EasyCGI service has a lot of positives it also has a lot of negatives such as being slightly over priced compared to the competition and not having all the same features that the other big hosting providers offer to there customers. Although all the negatives EasyCGI may be worth a try considering they offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfies with there service and they offer free set up so there will be no extra or hidden costs involved when signing up with them.

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