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Dot5 Hosting

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Linux Shared Hosting Packages From Dot5

Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host Unlimited Domains
1 Free Domain
Price: $3.95 Per Month

Our Review

Dot5 Hosting is another company new to the hosting industry, they are pretty competitive and offer plans with a wide range of features. The Dot5Hosting company offers one main hosting package and that is the $6.95, $5.95, or $3.95 plan depending on how you look at it, if you pay quarterly or for six months then it is $6.95 per month and if you pay yearly it is $5.95 and for two years if you have not figured out already the price is $3.95. The six month and quarterly payment method you have to pay for your own domain name and the year and two year plan you receive a free domain name of your choice.

Also when you sign up you will receive a $50 Google adwords credit and $25 Yahoo Search credit that can be used for pay per click advertising for that new or existing site you are looking for a little more traffic to. Now to the details of the package, for the basic package you will receive three hundred gigabytes of disk space and three thousand gigabytes of bandwidth, you also are able to host up to twenty five domain names and have unlimited data bases. Other features of the basic plan include up to five thousand pop three email boxes and unlimited sub domains, ftp accounts, parked domains, auto responders, and forwarding email accounts.

In addition to all the features you get a few programs that allow you to build web sites pretty fast and simply, also included is a word press add on that allows you to easily add word press and then there is also chat and forum features that you can install on your site. There is also a shopping cart program included with this that allows you to accept payments and people to buy many items from your internet store if you are selling products online. So over all Do5Hosting has a pretty good thing going they offer an appropriate amount of disk space and bandwidth along with a slue of unlimited features that are necessary to the web site building and hosting process.

We do have a few complaints about the Dot5 Hosting, for one why allow users to only have twenty five domains on an account and then give them unlimited features, if you can only host twenty five domains you do not need all the unlimited features. And also I wish that Dot5Hosting had a month to month plan and did not configure their pricing they way they did, who wants to obligate themselves to two years of hosting, they should just give you month to month for $4.95 like most other big hosts do instead of trying to be tricky and make a few extra bucks.

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