What all a beginner needs to know about web hosting

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Firstly, you need to know what is web hosting and why do you need web hosting even you designed web site yourself. Web Hosting is referred as the method where the website is publicly known and accessible on the worldwide web through the help of broadband dial up Internet access. Through this Internet hosting service organizations and individuals are able to generate their own websites accessible via Worldwide Web and allow the other Internet user to obtain the information.

Certain information is mandatory for the beginner to know before intruding into the sphere of Web hosting. If a professional web site is to be created then a reliable and secured host is required. If there is a planning that that the website should be accessible to larger section of people then a special web hosting service with additional bandwidth is necessary. But in case if it is for experimenting then complementary hosting packages are required. After that a trustworthy hosting companies from the Google or from the search engine is to be found out. Then after making the selection of the host then the credit card information is to be provided for the initial charge so that discount coupon codes could be available.

One needs to be confirmed while launching or setting up any business with the help of web hosting services. An Individual also needs to ensure that the website is uploaded through secured server like ASP, MS SQL, NET, SBS and the operating system may be like BSD .or Linux. The space and the storage capacity of the disk and graphics also should be higher and larger bandwidth. There should also be a round the clock online supports like through telephonic conversation or emails.

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Web hosting techniques

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To allow your website to be browse, downloaded and updated in a very little time you need a good and reliable web hosting service. Before selecting any web hosting service it very essential to go through the reviews, rating or blogs related to the web hosting service provider on the internet. So that you can idea about the web hosting service provider you are going to select to host your web site.

First of all make a list of your requirement that you are looking for the web hosting of your website. You can compare the web hosting service provider on the basis of disk space, traffic, price and other additional feature according to your requirement. The other factors that are also to be taken into consideration before choosing web hosting service are band width, disk space, control panel, programming tool, support, security, backup and granted uptime etc.


As you know that the disk space is the storage place assigned to you by the web hosting service providers. The amount of traffic that can allow the user to access and leave your website depends on the bandwidth. You go for the disk space and the bandwidth according to your requirement of your website.

It is always wiser to ensure that your website should be hosted by using the latest operating system. A window based operating system is good choice as various web applications can be run smoothly. You should always go for a web hosting service offers you a 24/7 telephone support service through a toll free numbers.

The most important of all is the security and backup of your website. Go for that service provider who will ensure that no unwanted interlopers can hack your web site. At last also analyze the price charged by the web hosting service provider for web hosting. There are many web hosting service providers who charges low fee along with the better service.

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Web hosting and Types of web hosting

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Internet hosting services that assist organizations and individuals to create their own websites accessible through World Wide Web is termed as web hosting. Web hosts are referred as the companies that offer space on the server for the clientele or for themselves along with the data center and Internet connection. Through the web hosts files can be uploaded using File Transfer Protocol which is later on distributed to the web. Various web hosting solutions are provided complementary to the users but they were controlled by the advertisements so now charge is involved which is reasonable.

?There are various types of web hosting services available like:

  • Shared web hosting service where one web site is positioned on the same server along with the other websites and the domains share a common server like CPU and RAM for resources.
  • Complementary web hosting service includes the services offered free of cost and generally controlled by the advertisements.
  • Dedicated hosting service involves the usage of own web server where the power of control is handled by the administrator like the sole maintenance and responsibility for the security will be on the hands of the clients.
  • Reseller Web hosting supports clients to develop into web hosts themselves and function for any individual domain as they have fundamental dedicate server.
  • Managed Hosting service includes the managing of data through File Transfer Protocol with one?s own web server.
  • Virtual Dedicated server includes sharing one server with many users.
  • Clustered Hosting comprises of multiple servers featuring the same content for improved operation of resources.
  • Grid hosting is considered as the most newly launched web hosting services. It is a sort of distributed hosting where the server acts like a grid which is comprises of multiple nodes for stable network.
  • Collocation Web hosting service where the users possess the colo server and to take care of the server the company offers the space.
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