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What LunarPages has to offer you ?

LunarPages offers a very attractive package for anyone seeking valuable VPS hosting (Virtually Private Servers). Their offer includes 20 GB of space and 1000 GB of data transfer and no setup fees. Also included is a goodie and that is a free domain name for life. And the most important thing is you can host any number of websites.

Why is LunarPages Best For VPS Hosting ?

There are many entrepreneurs and small businessmen who have out grown the shared hosting servers and are not yet ready to take up the dedicated servers, and the perfect solution for all such of them is Virtual Private Server offering a perfect mix of the controllability associated with dedicated servers and a price tag more reasonable and affordable than dedicated servers with some good aspects of the shared servers. There are many companies that are providing the VPS hosting but LunarPages has time and again proven that itís the best in the field with its track record and customer satisfaction.

  • The monthly cost of $39.95 for a VPS is very rarely heard. This low cost VPS hosting does not mean that the service offered to is lesser by any means. They offer the best of the service at a minimal cost and at the end of the day itís the price/quality factor we are looking at and LunarPages offers the best possible solution in this aspect.
  • The bandwidth of 1000 GB per month and a disk space of 20 GB makes it the most sought after service provider. The VPS services should mainly have a stable virtualization in the server and LunarPages offers the virtualization at the software level using Virtuzzo which has been proven good quality software for virtualizations. Thus the stability of the servers is no longer a problem when LunarPages is the provider.
  • Also the initial setup of the server is the time consuming and difficult part when VPS is concerned and the LunarPages offers a free setup, which makes it very attractive. The updating and modifications done to the server basically is best when it is done through FTP access and the LunarPages offers the best FTP access to the servers and so they can be modified and updated anytime.
  • The main system the company uses to provide the service is of immense importance when it come to VPS because itís the single computer above which all virtual servers are going to run and so it has to be more powerful and fast. The LunarPages have high end powerful computers to serve the customers that it becomes virtually a real individual server that is serving the websites. So whatever be the computation requirements and scripting on the server side that is required the LunarPages VPS service can handle it in the best possible way.
  • Itís not easy to achieve an uptime percent over 99% and LunarPages has achieved an uptime percent of 99.89% which is tremendous. So itís nothing but a virtual guarantee of no downtime of servers.
  • Also the management and security aspects of the company are the ones to be noted. The security that the LunarPages provides is high end security with all possible threats removed. SO the server is secure. The management of the server and the traffic records are left to the customer through the software like manager lite, and this is quite a good addition you can make.

Thus we see that LunarPages has the best quality in every possible aspect of VPS hosting and this makes it the best in the field of VPS hosting. Also the add-ons provided by it some freely, some at a few dollars more make the VPS hosting package a complete set suited for a perfect website. This makes it the best VPS hosting company.