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What BlueHost has to offer you ?

Unlimited Hosting Space
+ Host UNLIMITED Domains!!!
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ Free Domain Forever! (HOT!!!)
Price: $6.95

What BlueHost has to offer you ?

Bluehost has established their business since Nov., 2002 in Utah, USA. Though Bluehost teams have only one hosting plan, this hosting plan beats most plans their competitors provide. With the $6.95 plan at Bluehost you get Unlimited disk space as most other big name hosts offer and Unlimited bandwidth, both these numbers are typical for any big hosting company these days. There are even some cool offers like $25 yahoo and $50 Free Google Credits and a free domain to get you started in your web site building career. Other features in this package include a free site promotion package and ecommerce cart and the ability to host unlimited domains on your hosting program.

Bluehost only provide shared web hosting, and only offer one plan. But that plan beats most, if not all, competition. The plan supports most scripts, and is a good choice if you're planning to start a company blog, as several blog tools are included. Let’s see what the features that it provides are.

Their one and only plan costs $6.95, but while the price is small, it includes a staggering Unlimited storage and an equally impressive Unlimited bandwidth . With this price you can even run a profitable ecommerce business at the price of a small private web site in Linux environment. The basic features include Free Domain, Free Setup, Commerce scripts, SQL databases, Spam filter.

The main reasons for BlueHost to be a good Linux host are……

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Free Live Chat Support
The BlueHost will promote your website and creating by placing it high in the search engine optimization and thereby provides good traffic for your website. Regarding support, Bluehost answers your calls 24/7, on a toll-free number. One thing that is very attractive about Bluehost is that they do not charge any hidden fees or charges when you sign up. Comparing with the other hosting offers the BlueHost provides good features at a minimum price tag. At a cost less than 7 dollars it provides great features than any other package provided by its competitor.

The linux operating system is one which offers a great level of control to the administrator and when the hosting service provider provides sufficient facilities, it means that the server is a servant for the administrator capable of doing whatever he requires. The Bluehost offers just that. The services and the add-ons provided by the Bluehost offers the perfect scope for the web masters to ever improve on the website specifications. It is very rare to find a hosting service with the combination of low cost and quality and Bluehost comes in as an exceptional hosting service option under such considerations. The Bluehost also offers a great flexible option with offers of money back options. But the users have found it very much satisfactory as indicated by the reactions from various web masters.

Overall Bluehost is an excellent deal, they offer a variety of services and in the right quantity, and they also offer some extra features that make signing up a good deal. The Bluehost basic plan would be recommended for some one that is small or midsize because there bandwidth and disk space may be a little small for someone looking to host a very large site or a large quantity of sites using Linux operating system.