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What PowWeb has to offer you ?

Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth + The Ability to host unlimited domains at a price of $114.48 ($4.77 per month If you buy a 24 months package. + 2 Year Free Domain Name Registration.
PowWeb Web Hosting provides hosting packages which are best suited and work well for forum bases websites. They provide an excellent Unlimited storage and Unlimited bandwidth on a rock solid unix platform. They provide a free domain name with their plan and an easy to use website builder !

Why is PowWeb Best For Forum Hosting ?

The forums are the most popular in the present scenario, not only because of their social networking nature but also for the commercial edge that it gives the advertisers and hosts. The hosting of a forum site is not an easy job and there is actually a great deal of considerations to be made before choosing a company for hosting such a site. PowWeb is one such company whose track record has shown that it is the best suited for forum hosting. PowWeb offers the perfect package that suits the forum masters. This can be easily established by a detailed look on the options offered by them.

  • The PowWeb offers Unlimited storage at a price of $4.77 per month. This is most suited for forums that are starting. The forums dont actually require mass storage to start with; its the interface and storage mechanism that matters. In such an aspect, PowWeb offers the best possible solution because it offers the best web access and administration controls for maintaining the best forum site.
  • Also the PowWeb also gets you a good scripting background in the server side. This makes it possible to have dynamic pages in your site. The dynamic page is the order of the day. Its the interface that matters and the dynamic pages are the one that helps you render a good intuitive user interface. The PowWeb offers all kind of scripting language support ranging from Perl, Python to other CGI scripting languages. So there is no fear at all in having a good dynamic page supportive server when it comes to PowWeb.
  • The PowWeb also offers the benefits of other add-on services like site builder, front page extension etc and so it makes it easy for you to get the max output from the site with less toil. The PowWeb also offers the support of backups and security that are very much necessary in case of forums because there may be personal info involved with the members of the forums and in no way there should be any leak of information to unauthorized sources.
  • The forum sites mainly depend upon the backend databases storage because the messages and community proceedings are to be maintained as a record for long time to come and can be viewed any time by anybody, so they should be available for retrieval at anytime, and PowWeb offers a good lot of back ends like PHPMYAdmin, MySQL etc and this makes it the best choice for forums.
  • The customer support offered by PowWeb is unparalleled and so there is a guarantee that there are helpers to help you out of any problem you face with the hosting. (24/7 live chat and online help). Also the PowWeb offers service like webalizer for web statistics maintenance and other tracking and record keeping software. This makes it possible for a forum manger to have a complete analytical insight into web site development all the time.

Thus it is clear that the PowWeb is best not only because of the affordability in terms of cost but it also has the potential offering of services that best suit the forum site offered with good quality. This makes it the best for forum hosting.