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What StartLogic has to offer you ?

StartLogic provides the best dedicated server hosting in the industry. They have multihomed, multiple gig backbone infrastructures and moreover you can choose between linux and windows infrastructures. They provide 24x7 technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
ServerDisk SpaceRAMBandwidthPrice
Celeron D.3.0680 GB SATA512 MB500 GB99$
Celeron D.3.06250 GB SATA512 MB1000 GB109$
Celeron D.3.06250 GB SATA1 GB1500 GB119$
Athlon 64 3200+80 GB SATA1 GB1000 GB99$
Athlon 64 3200+160 GB SATA1 GB1500 GB129$
Athlon 64 3200+250 GB SATA2 GB2000 GB179$
Pentium 4 3.480 GB SATA1 GB1000 GB99$
Pentium 4 3.4250 GB SATA1 GB1500 GB119$
Pentium 4 3.4250 GB SATA2 GB2000 GB149$
Dual Xeon 3.22x80 GB SATA2 GB3000 GB239$
Dual Xeon 3.22x250 GB SATA2 GB3000 GB279$
Dual Xeon 3.24x250 GB SATA4 GB3000 GB349$

Why is StartLogic Best For Dedicated Hosting ?

In the present day world of e-commerce it has become a necessity for every business to have a dedicated website and if itís a popular business you are dealing with then itís the server you host the website that plays an important role in deciding the effectiveness of the website, because the service of the website defines your service be it any kind of business. So you need a dedicated server for hosting your website. Dedicated server means that the server functions only for maintaining your website. Itís like having a separate computer for you that is serving your website.

The quality of service offered by a company decides its fate and the StartLogic is one company which has tasted success right from its beginning because of the good quality of service. When it comes to the dedicated servers its StartLogic which has established itself very strongly. The service offered by it has the following specifics. Once you have a glance at the specifics involved, you will surely have no doubt that this is the best dedicated hosting company.

  • The StartLogic offers very many different plans for having a dedicated server, having specifications ranging from processor type and speed to the RAM size to the bandwidth. This gives it a thorough professional look because the range of customers it caters to is wide as its plans. There is surely a plan that suits you. If itís a multimedia site you are dealing with, you might go for the high bandwidth cum high disk space server option or if itís the forums or blogs you are dealing with, you may go for a good powerful computer with a good bandwidth and reasonable storage. Every different combination is here.
  • The dedicated servers functions well only if companyís maintenance of the servers is good and StartLogic offers the best in this aspect. It has a 15,000 sq. ft data center to have the servers and maintain them accurately. This makes the servers to be running to their best capacity every time of the day. They even have an assurance of 100% uptime, which is an added advantage.
  • The need for the software side of a server is as varied as the hardware side and StartLogic has the provision of selecting every aspect of the software ranging from operating system option, like whether windows or linux to what database and software you use. SO it makes a perfect server dedicated to you and your needs.
  • StartLogic offers a 24/7 technical support, this is very much necessary when it comes to dedicated servers because the problems you might face with a dedicated server is numerous and the doubts occurring and the clarifications required are many. THE technical support center is one mandatory need for the dedicated server provider. StartLogic has the perfect team of professionals to aid in your doubts and clarify them. With many awards like ďBest Windows HostĒ and value added services StartLogic seems the best option for every website requiring a dedicated server.

Thus we see that the StartLogic provides unparalleled quality service when it comes to dedicated servers and the plans and the add-ons offered by them are of very high quality and is sure to aid everyone who needs a dedicated server. Itís no wonder it has gained the name as best dedicated server hosting company.