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What Dot5 has to offer you ?

Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Host Unlimited Domains
1 Free Domain
Price: $3.95 Per Month
Dot5 Web Hosting provides their users with Unlimited hard disk space and Unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host upto Unlimited domains. Goodies include a free domain name. You get $25 in yahoo credit and $50 in Google adwords free of cost. Excellent support from the company. Summarizing dot5 is your first choice if you are new to web site building.

Dot5 Uptime Monitoring

Dot5 Hosting Inc.,
2800 28th Street Suite 205,
Santa Monica,
CA 90405

Monitored since: 29 December 2005
Monitored sites: 1
Total days of monitoring: 660 days
Overall uptime: 99.805 %

Why is Dot5 Best For Budget Hosting ?

There are many aspects to be looked before finalizing a hosting company, but for most of us the important thing that we note is the price tag associated with the service. Rather itís the price/quality ratio. There are very less number of providers who can meet a god ratio, and dot5 is one company that gets a good ratio and also has a very reasonable price tag with its hosting options. Once you visit their website or see any of their catalog, you can just see the incredible offer on stake. Itís no surprise that it has received the ďBest Budget HostingĒ award from the Web Hosting Geeks.

  • The first look at the catalog of services shows you that the hosting service is offered at a price of under $5 per month. This is really cool budget plan. There are no service providers who offer such a price. Any analyst can easily tell that this price is far below the average pricing schemes of others. But itís not the price alone that we look at. Itís the quality/price we look at and the quality seems to be good too as there are more than 25,000 satisfied customers with the dot5 company and their testimonials are proofs.
  • Can you imagine Unlimited disk space for such a price. No where can one find such an offer. Thus we can see the budget friendly option show up. No more do you have to delete previous files when updating your web site. Itís just a virtual set of hard disks you own in the web space. This makes it best suited for multimedia based web contents which require lot of space.
  • At $5 per month itís not easy to find an Unlimited bandwidth offer and dot5 offers just that! The bandwidth is just enough to hold on for a very famous site with high traffic towards it. The bandwidth alone does not make up a plan though and dot5 offers the add-ons too. Dot5 offers the site builder support and FTP access. Also it offers to have 25 domains under one account.
  • And if you have any doubt about the service or any problem, there is the 24/7 customer support. SO there is support for you round the clock. No matter what region you are from or what kind of problems you have dot5 executives are there for the perfect support for you.
  • Also the $25 credit in the yahoo and $50 credits in Google adwords for the dot5 does speak about its popularity. The dot5 offer is just as unbelievable because of the price tag that it comes with and thus the budget hosting service it remains. The dot5 also offers other supports like template, front page extension, 24/7 uptime guarantee etc. This makes it a service on par with the best service providers around but at a price tag that is more reasonable and affordable, so that even a starter with less funds can have the benefits of best service.

It is thus clear that the price/quality ratio is best for dot5 among all others and so it remains the best budget hosting company. Also the lesser cost has not in any way meant lesser services, perhaps have meant more quality and this what makes dot5 to get ticked among a whole lot of others.